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Here is a brief scan of the latest guff as of: .

Web site updated
If you had visited earlier it must have been obvious the web site has been updated since. More graphics as you have seen. Also added a photo ablum with a "few" photos. Please send me your photos so that I can add them. Also send me more exciting news about yourself.
Check out Batch 7's page. Rest of you when are you going to update your batch pages?

As most of you know, our senior Didi - Bandana Khannal had married "recently" and she had promised a party for all Nepalese out here at Davangere as we had not been able to attend the marriage party. Hmm! we are still waiting for the party!
Farewell Party
On July 24, Saturday, we had the Farewell 1999. After four years at Davangere it is now time to leave. Time to face the world!
The party was organized at Puja International. To all who do not know! it is a new hotel in front of Rajbhavan. I must confess, all had put a lot of effort to make it a memorable event. Beside the guys and gals from BIET we had Anuja Didi, Bandana Didi and Komal Didi. Rama had come with her friends - Sindhu and Jyoti. Quite a gang.
Basic theme of the party - let's enjoy ourselves. The usual question and answer were fun. Am I glad it is all over. Of course, the dances, the songs and the interesting stories after getting drunk were there. Somethings don't change, do they?

VTU Nepalese students - refugees
The VTU students will be finishing their exams on August 28. The Nepalese student will have to leave the hostel as they have not renewed their admission to the hostel. Since none of the students have found a flat yet they will be stranded without a place to stay after they return from Kathmandu. Hmm! who said only Bhutanese are refugees?

Exams Coming Up for Kuvempu
The Kuvempu University exams have been postponed due to the elections. The theory exams are starting from Oct. 12. There is a rumour about the labs starting from Sept. 16. Quite some time! Great for the guys to have regular jamming at Pawan's place which has been empty since Pawan left for Kathmandu.

New Admissions
Two new Nepali students have joined BIET. Richa Sharma has joined Computers and Rajesh Karki has joined in Electrical. They will be joining from October 6. I must say, compared to last year, very few have joined this year.

New web sites
Quite a few new sites belonging to our guys are coming up. Here is list of ones I am aware of:

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