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Batch VII
It was 1995! The five of us, Ajay, Ashish, Diwas, Rabindra and Rajib met each other for the first time. We had all come to study at BIET.

Ajay Raj Singh Dangol
Branch: Electronics and Communication

I don't know much about Internet but with the growing popularity among the guys out here, I cannot ignore it. Well, to begin with most guys got acquainted to it during strike days .As for me, I was busy jamming every night and day. I was so much involved busy drinking and singing that I didn't know what was going on. Now I have finally realized that one day or other I will have to be a part of it.

It's been great out here, away from home. The first year was quite fun in its own way. We were so innocent and everybody was nice to us. In fact we got great seniors who supported us not only in studies but told us that you should also enjoy in life.

The second year started with all of us moving out of the hostels to our flats. The first few months were great, then again too much freedom changed our lives. We used to roam all day and come to flat in the wee hours and still nobody was there to say a word. I use to study only during the internals and during finals I had to study all night to get the passing marks.

Coming to third year everything changed and at times life was frustrating. My study graph decreased exponentially and learning was not any more fun.

Finally coming to final year the sun again shined in the east. Music was the only key to happiness and I do not regret it. Now, I am not the same Ajay as I was in the first semester. Things have changed a lot and attitude towards life is different. As I look upon the guys in the first year, I feel I was once them and things will also change for them.

I don't regret that I didn't do that well academically for I have learnt many lessons. Whoever reads me might thing that I am a bit old but hey life goes on. The friends and seniors will always hold a special place in my heart. As for the juniors, I couldn't give them what my seniors gave it to me but I think they will by themselves.

It's been a long into but it was fun writing. I will miss all the guys out here but I think that we will grow closer in the days to come. Lastly, I would like to say comment me in my email.

PS: Listen to Soldier of Fortune by the Deep Purple and The Sad Café by the Eagles and you will understand me much better.

Ashish Shrestha
Branch: Electronics and Communication
Ashish Shrestha
  • address: Balaju, Kathmandu.
  • phone: 350593.
  • schools: STXG, STXJ, STXC and BIET.
  • hobby: photography
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Diwas Shrestha
Branch: Industrial Production

Rabindra Pokhrel
Branch: Civil

Rajib Dhakal
Branch: Civil

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