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Batch II
Amrit Mohan Kayastha
Branch:Computer Science and Engineering

SLC from AVM :2041 B.S (I guess it was 1984/85)
10+2+(1) from Pune, Maharashtra, India (Guess what, I freaked out a year then)
B.E (CS & E), You know that...of course from BIET, DVG, 1994

Worked in Mecantile/Ktm...1994 Dec - 1998 June ( contributed in setting up the first Internet Service Provider in Nepal, Mercantile Communications)

Got scholarship to do MS in computer science, in a school in Iowa, USA, went to school June-Dec 1998 but did not enjoy going to school. Then got a job offer and moved in Denver, Colorado and has been working to date.

A little about family now..
Married, spouse - Salina, son - Ayush (2.75 yrs old)
Brothers/sisters in my joint family..
1. Dr. Bhaskar - MD (working in Bir Hospital)
2. Kailash (B.E from Tirupati, working in Ktm, Canadian Cooperation office)
3. Satya (Completed a pilot course...just went back to Ktm from texas, US)
4. Bishwo (you know him, studying in 3rd year BIET, DVG)
5. sisters - 4, and all married

Ang Dorji Lama
Branch: Civil

Luna Pradhan
Branch: Electronics & Communications

Neeraj Shrestha
Branch: Electrical and Electronics

Palina Shrestha
Branch: Electronics & Communications

Ujjwal Sundas
Branch: Mechanical