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Batch I
The first engineering batch. The pioneers!

Ananta Gopal Risal
Branch: Computer Science

I was the first batch to graduate from BIET in the history for Nepalese i.e. 1990-1992. To be precise (it looks little surprising to you may be) how come only two years in BIET ? In fact, the story is short. I was in Chitradurga (JMIT) for 2 years and actually transferred to Davangere in 1990.

After graduation, I worked in RONAST and started a computer software/magazine (CORE) and later started my own company called Ashoka Systems. I was in Singapore for a while. Completed my Post Graduation in Knowledge Engineering from NUS and stayed almost for 4 years in Singapore. I merged Nepal based company to a US based company called Pilgrim. Now we have almost 50 computer professionals in Nepal. Currently I am working as a Web based workflow Consultant and a project lead to Lucent Technology. based in New Jersey. I am now married (Kalpana) and have a kid (Astik) of almost 2 years.

Mayendra Mani Pradhan
Branch: Electrical and Electronics